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A collaborative recording between the TaxiCab Verses of Athens, GA, USA and Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors of Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

James Wilson travelled to Ghana three times between 2008 and 2011 in order to collaborate and record with Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors.

While in Ghana, Wilson collected hundreds of phrases from the back windows of taxi cabs throughout the country of Ghana and later used only the words from the stickers to construct the lyrics for this album.



released June 23, 2016

Produced by Drew Vandenberg and James A Wilson
Production, Rock and roll consultant - Patterson Hood
Mixed and Engineered by Drew Vandenberg at Flicker Bar Athens and at Chase Park Transduction Studios, Athens, Ga
Ghanaian Engineers - Dominic Baafi at Sound Factory Recording Studio
Ashaley Botwe, Accra, Ghana

- King Tors at Rhythm of Africa Studio
Ashongman Estate, Accra, Ghana

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

The TaxiCab Verses/Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors are

James Wilson - vocals, drums on tracks 4 and 10
Kofi Atentenben - Leader of the Warriors, flute, shaker

Brad Morgan - Drums
Kojo Boateng - Gome [big box drum]
Emmanuel Yaw Mensah - djembe drum, percussion, bell
Michael Okai - Djembe drum, percussion
Agbo Kofi - bells, rattle, gome

Chuck Bradburn - electric and upright bass
Chris Herron - electric bass
Bryan J Howard - electric bass

Craig Lieske - electric guitar
Richard Mikulka - electric guitar
Matt Stoessel - electric guitar
Jef Whatley - electric guitar
Marc Tissenbaum - acoustic guitar on tracks 4 and 5

Melissa Colbert-Taylor
Mumbi Okundaye - vocals
Trish Whatley - vocals

Marc Gilley - Alto and Baritone Saxophone
John Kiran Fernandes - Violin and Bass Clarinet
Jacob Morris - cello on tracks 4, 5, and 9

Francis Agbo - xylophone
Daniel Sanbo - Korogo
Paul McHugh - keys



all rights reserved


The TaxiCab Verses Athens, Georgia

Athens, Ga based
music and art organization.

Proceeds benefit the artists directly, thank you.

Featured artists include:
The TaxiCab Verses (High Life/Rock band with members in USA and Ghana, West Africa),
Kofi Atentenben & the Warriors (Traditional Ghana Percussion),
and Los Cantares (good time rock and roll).
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Track Name: Zero To Hero
It is good, it is bad, to be a man
It's hard, it's so hard
Getting a wife is beyond human wisdom
Be Bold, don't rush and keep no regret

Lover boy, I am telling you, watch your step
You must fear woman
respect woman respect women respect women

Women are sweet yes but not always
though they are a serious naked delight. Good god!

Don't worry, be positive virgin boy
Honest love will shower you with the blessings
of a true cassanova.
From a zero to hero you will be.
Track Name: Charlie Parker
I want to tell you about Mr Living
The VIP, the B-Man,
The director of groove city

He is the turbo inter cooler
The main line

[he's the] Big Chef!

There is no shaking Mr Him!
The bird!
Track Name: Be Wise, Think Twice
Hey old friend, Keep cool good friend
The Freedom Bar as the Boozeman Blues
It's Nice to be nice, go slow yeah cool

Friends today hey oh by the way
Our untouchable world has got no spare.

Think twice and Be Wise, the Storm is over

Free your voice this day at hand of back for good
and yes we can

Angels are on guard when hell come again
Angels they think after death when hell come again
Angels they will take this world when hell come again
Track Name: Step By Step
I heard a poor man, he never chop stone.
That's good because I'm a solid rock.

If you do good, that's good thinking, yeah, that's good thinking

I grew up at the Ache Hotel.
Step by step,
I became chief, I am strong.
I know the secret.

No food for you lazy man
You hit the road train, Mr Road.
Obey your good mother, you mother!

The secret is Jesus, Jesus is mine.
Jesus saved my Cheeba.
Thank you, Jesus!
Track Name: First Things First
Thank you, senior man, for stepping off the stone of justice.
Observers have been worried about your propaganda, Mr White.

Oh friend, why did not spare the Euro circus your
Special. Simple. Wisdom.

This is Serious!
Say what you like
Destiny's foresight brings our
First. Black. President.
to the White House

Obama Obama Keep the Fire Burning
It is he who Jah bless
Daddy rich, thats you Mr White
Time is Money
And it's time
See you, Mr White!
Track Name: Home is Wherever We Are [WAZOR]
Home is home where we travel we tour
Home is home in a London transport
Where drivers are rulers

You see and go, what's yours is yours
You see and go, you see and go
What's yours is yours where we are

Home is home where we travel we tour
Home is home in a London transport
Where drivers are rulers
Time Changes Futures

Home IS Home

My humble egg is a house of lace
It's strong like the elephant and
we are survivors of the ...

Home is home where we travel we tour
Home is home in a London transport
The drivers are rulers
Time Changes Futures

Home is where we are.
Track Name: Agoo
I seek knock, two sisters
AH! Who is this?
It's me Lilo Lilo, let me in!
AH! Who is this?

I am determined.
Oh yeah? Well put down your cowbell and have some fresh milk.

Boys boys ah, no size, boys boys ah, surprise

Anything can happen sweet lily, cause and effect
I am younger and you are fabulous

Respect that I am not that I am
I am a grown man and I still love you, darling.

Darling, please let me in
Ah! Who is this?
Oh please, darling, let me be your mister

Boys boys ah, no size, boys boys ah, surprise